The Sun Shines for Eli

The Sun Shines for Eli

Big Brothers Make All the Difference

The sun streams through the bare windowpane as Eli rubs his weary eyes. He wonders why he should get out of bed. What faces him on this autumn day? Suddenly Eli remembers that Moshe is coming today. There is reason to wake up in the morning.

Eli, 12, grew up in a troubled family, now the third generation living in financial distress. His childhood has been far from normal. He was not accustomed to any sort of structure or discipline. In his house there are no consistent or nutritious meals. No routine hours of sleep. No expectations of basic hygiene. In light of this, Eli began to act out and exhibit considerable academic delays.

The caring staff in his school reached out to Yad Eliezer. Eli was immediately matched with a Big Brother, Moshe. They play ball, go out to eat and study together. Throughout, Moshe receives guidance on how to help Eli cope within the complex situation in which he lives. This relationship has already begun to do wonders for Eli. Slowly he is adopting healthy and clear living habits despite the chaos around him. He has someone to show him the way, to cheer him on. Someone to rely on when all else seems so unreliable.

Yad Eliezer's Big Brother/Big Sister program supports thousands of boys and girls throughout Israel, providing TLC, guidance and support and giving them a chance to succeed.

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